Changes to the Site

16 December 2022
  • Added my mastodon link for verification purposes. Feel free to reach out when the instances are stable after #bloodythursday!
  • The footer now includes a total count of all daily run entries in recorded history.
14 December 2022
  • Added a date picker to the page header for daily leaderboards, to allow time warping.
12 December 2022
  • Added sub-sites for Afterbirth+ and Afterbirth results.
  • Updated CSS to include a site switcher above the Greedier Butt header.
  • Fixed typo on FAQ page.
  • Added FAQ related to donations and monetization.
  • Initial backend code updates to genericize code and prepare for engine open-sourcing.
21 June 2022
  • Score pages now show results for banned players again.
  • Player profile pages now show stats for banned players again.
  • Fixed bug with accessing player profile pages by Steam name instead of Steam ID.
14 June 2022
  • CSS: Fixed overflow on the leaderboard listings when using small devices (ie. smartphones) in portrait orientation.
  • Known Issue: Profile pages for banned players were disabled in the previous update. Work will be done to re-enable these pages with limited information on the next update.
23 May 2022
  • Added a changelog.
  • Modified header to display logged-in steam name.
  • For those with moderator and admin access, the footer console links have been converted to UI buttons.
  • On the moderator panel, if a user is banned while multiple reports are opened, all of that user's reports are closed at the time of that ban.
  • CSS updates for header and footer.
  • Added Top 100 leaderboard ranks to the player profile page.
  • Backend script updates to pull scores for the previous 5 days on a daily basis, to import straggler scores.
  • Backend script updates to recalculate ranks based on the SQL RANK() window functions.
  • Updated frontend SQL queries to calculate ranks using the SQL RANK() window function. The site will no longer rely on Steam's calculated ranks.
    • This also results in ties being possible. Tied players will be listed alphabetically, but with the same rank.
  • SQL table updates to store calculated ranks.
  • Force www. at the beginning of the URL. This helps preserve login sessions.
  • Note: This was a significant update. Please notify pkprotoplasm if any errors are found on the site.
A long time ago
  • Prior changes were not logged.