Changes to the Site

30 April 2023
  • Completely refactored the website engine to prepare for publicly publishing the code to a git repository.
  • Updated caching logic with fixes across the board. This will result in all pages loading faster. In particular, the extremely slow response times for reporting and moderating players has been resolved.
  • Disabled verbose error messages on the production instance. If you encounter an error, an error ID number is generated which will enable the site owner to quickly identify the log messages associated with the error.
16 December 2022
  • Added my mastodon link for verification purposes. Feel free to reach out when the instances are stable after #bloodythursday!
  • The footer now includes a total count of all daily run entries in recorded history.
14 December 2022
  • Added a date picker to the page header for daily leaderboards, to allow time warping.
12 December 2022
  • Added sub-sites for Afterbirth+ and Afterbirth results.
  • Updated CSS to include a site switcher above the Greedier Butt header.
  • Fixed typo on FAQ page.
  • Added FAQ related to donations and monetization.
  • Initial backend code updates to genericize code and prepare for engine open-sourcing.
21 June 2022
  • Score pages now show results for banned players again.
  • Player profile pages now show stats for banned players again.
  • Fixed bug with accessing player profile pages by Steam name instead of Steam ID.
14 June 2022
  • CSS: Fixed overflow on the leaderboard listings when using small devices (ie. smartphones) in portrait orientation.
  • Known Issue: Profile pages for banned players were disabled in the previous update. Work will be done to re-enable these pages with limited information on the next update.
23 May 2022
  • Added a changelog.
  • Modified header to display logged-in steam name.
  • For those with moderator and admin access, the footer console links have been converted to UI buttons.
  • On the moderator panel, if a user is banned while multiple reports are opened, all of that user's reports are closed at the time of that ban.
  • CSS updates for header and footer.
  • Added Top 100 leaderboard ranks to the player profile page.
  • Backend script updates to pull scores for the previous 5 days on a daily basis, to import straggler scores.
  • Backend script updates to recalculate ranks based on the SQL RANK() window functions.
  • Updated frontend SQL queries to calculate ranks using the SQL RANK() window function. The site will no longer rely on Steam's calculated ranks.
    • This also results in ties being possible. Tied players will be listed alphabetically, but with the same rank.
  • SQL table updates to store calculated ranks.
  • Force www. at the beginning of the URL. This helps preserve login sessions.
  • Note: This was a significant update. Please notify pkprotoplasm if any errors are found on the site.
A long time ago
  • Prior changes were not logged.