Frequently Asked Questions

How are the top leaderboards determined?

The top leaderboards consider scores from the past 90 runs, prior to today's run since ranks could still change.

Players with fewer than 10 runs during those 90 days are removed from the leaderboards.

Players with a zero score on more than 10% of their runs are removed from the leaderboards.

Players who have been confirmed as cheaters (at any time) are removed from the leaderboards.

Players are ranked in order of the average of their percentile finish on each day. Separate rankings are calculated for scores and times.

When is Greedier Butt updated?

Daily leaderboards are updated every 10 minutes.

The top leaderboards, along with all-time stats for players, are updated once daily shortly after the daily run resets in the game. This deferred update provides stability in those statistics and allows the site to make top leaderboard calculations without negatively impacting your experience on the site.

Most pages are cached, which allows the site to provide you faster access to information. However, the cached versions of pages are scheduled to refresh at the same time as the database updates noted above. This ensures you receive updated information no matter when the page is loaded.

I checked my score after finishing, but a few minutes later it changed to zero. Why did that happen?

Steam provides leaderboard data to the public via a content delivery network, which provides data based on geography and the traffic to each of Steam's individual servers.

This means of delivery sometimes results in our database gathering information from a Steam server which hasn't been told of your score yet. This is what leads to your score reverting to zero.

While the Steam leaderboards don't provide a direct means of us knowing when information is outdated, we may create a workaround in future site enhancements to avoid reverting scores to zero if an outdated Steam server tells us to in the future.

Is there any way to donate to the site? Will there ever be ads on the site? Does the site make money?

This site is a hobby project and is not accepting donations. There are no plans to do so in the future.

Additionally, this site will never serve ads or track user activity. The only cookie set by the site is to allow Steam login.

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